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[TowerTalk] Can motorized crank up's be manually lowered...when power is

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Can motorized crank up's be manually lowered...when power is out ?
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
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Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2010 06:33:43 -0700
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We  just went through a big wind storm all last night [ thursday night/fri 
morning].   The  commercial  AC power flickered and dimmed
a few times.  It eventually died  for 2 hrs. 

Ok,  what happens  with the  HDX-689... when it's fully extended, and els all 
broadside to the wind.. and power goes off ?? 

Can these things  be  brought down manually .. safely.... by another method ??  
 [ hand winch, cordless drill, etc]

I'm seriously thinking of  installing a  wireless wind speed indicator on top 
of the new tower. 

I can just see myself in the basement, with headphones on, totally oblivious to 
the wind outside.    The usual deal is, when  winds hit  35-50 mph,
trees  come down across the power lines  by the nearby park... and  there goes 
the power  for 2-4 hrs.  Meanwhile the storm has not hit it's  peak ..yet. 
Local wx  forecasts  are  usually accurate.. when they predict lousy wx.  

Plan B  was    either  add UPS power.. or  a  gen set.    I don't have a clue  
what the start up current on the 1 hp motor is.. when  retracting a HDX-689.
It has  positive pull down featrure,  but it's  still gravity that's  doing 
most of the work.   A  UPS  that could provide  120 vac  @  20A  CCS   for  4 
might work.    Starting a gen set at 3 AM... in the middle of  winter... in the 
middle of a wind storm  is  no fun either...esp if it doesn't start. 

IF the  local forecast  is predicting 'high  winds  after midnight, 110 kmh'    
 then at least I have some advance notice... and  either don't crank it up,
or only crank it up   part way,  etc. 

What does everybody else do ??     This  install will have  a lot of weight on 
top.. and  4 x ants, and  2" OD  x  3/8"  chromolly mast. 

Later.... Jim   VE7RF   

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