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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] FAA at Mil bases
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Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 22:07:50 -0700
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I think the question came up because TOWAIR figured out I'm near an airport
(public or not), and the FCC procedure is to have me fill out an FAA form.
The FCC's TOWAIR database included the locations of a NAS, even if it is not
a private airport.

I'm going to guess that the FAA knows the phone number of NAS Whidbey Island
in case the FAA thinks it is an issue the Navy needs to know about.  Maybe
the FAA can make a determination on behalf of all aircraft and not have to
contact the Navy. Maybe they'll ask or tell the Navy about my new tower
embedded in my trees. That's sort of up to the FAA.

In any case, the FCC instructions for registering a tower near an airport
don't require me to contact the Navy, they tell me to contact the FAA. I
think that's good, because individuals should have one organization to
contact for requests like this. My experience with things like this is not
to keep searching for someone who might say no.  If the FAA signs off, then
presumably the FCC will be happy with my due diligence and register the 70'

As a private property owner, I don't believe the Navy has direct
jurisdiction over my tower plan. They can certainly influence the issue
through the FAA.  But the rules for me to follow are those of the FCC, who
specifies the FAA as the appropriate agency for investigating structures
near airports.  Not Navy approval, even if it's a Navy airport. If I were on
Navy property it would be another story entirely.

Dick, K6KR

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Barry Fox wrote:
> Can't remember who added this bit to the thread:
>> My knowledge base runs out in this area - specifically as to whether the
>> FAA has the sole (or ANY) jurisdiction with regard to military airfields
>> and the NAS. The FAA documentation all refers to a "Public Use Airport."
>>   NAS Whidbey is NOT a Public Use Airport.  You might want to run the
> When I was in the US Air Force stationed at Pease AFB, NH (a SAC base
> my work shop was located in the RAPCON.  We had a full time FAA rep whose
> office was also there.  His job (IFIRC, after all it was 1965-1967) was to
> make sure the USAF followed all the FAA rules and regs.  So at least at
> time, in that situation, the FAA did seem to have some say in how the USAF
> ran its approach, departure and en-route procedures.

They do have to interface with IFR traffic.  VFR is pretty much on it's 


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