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Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 15:08:42 -0400
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That is more like Dick.  You are correct the FCC is mostly lawyers and that 
makes sense since the function is mostly regulatory.  But there are plenty 
of engineers sprinkled amongst the lawyers to help explain to them how 
things work ;-)

Last time I checked the Fed employee population was right around 14.5M. 
That  is about 10% down from 1990 numbers.  The game is played like 
this...cut fed jobs hire more time around convert the 
contractors back to fed employees.

Its popular for some folks to whine about the size of the Fed gov. but what 
do you think it would do to our recession if Uncle Sam Rif'd say 4-5Millions 
Fed workers?  Hey, think of it as a job program. Keeps people off the 
streets, they pay taxes and they don't compete for the nice private sector 
jobs ;-)

You know out of all those folks some work gets done for us tax 
payers...there are a couple other places that could really use some 
attention, like local, county and state gov.


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> Typical Government legislation ... ADD more positions, further inflate the
> already bloated budget.
> Why not just modify the Job Description to include the new requirements.
> If you really want to get sick, take a look at the Jobs available at the 
> FCC.
> Most, if not all, are for Lawyers.
> Shakespeare was right on ...
> 73, Dick, W1KSZ
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