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Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2010 02:01:40 -0400
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I'd have to take this ( ) through 3 sets of 
guys.  It's 30 feet from the top of the tower to the top antennas which 
have now been up just shy of 9 years.  The only problems have been the 
LMR-400 UltraFlex pigtail jackets which have split and are now 

BTW IIRC each guy anchor weights just shy of 20,000 #

I'll be 70 in just 2 more months. I was up there yesterday. My only 
problem climbing is getting back in shape along with arthritis, but the 
climbing is good for me. Hurts like the devil though.

Were I going to put up another tower (If I wind the lottery or buy the 
right stock) I'd put up a heavy duty crank up, similar to that monster 
that's been at Dayton the last two years, but 100-120 feet would be 
plenty as long as it'd hold the antennas. Course if I won the lottery 
I'd probably move and need two of those big monsters along with some 
smaller ones....and a couple of new amps and rigs.


Roger (K8RI) wrote:
> I have been running Hazers for 20 years.  Both are on 25 g  towers. My hf 
> tower was running a th7dx,a a3ws, a 40 meter dipole, and all were  on the h3. 
> the rotor is a tail twister....I have had no problems with the hazer  at 
> this load. the vhf tower is loaded also with a 617b2, 17b2, a 222 boomer and  
> a klm 432 boomer.. all on this tower with a twx2.
> I am and do not work for the company but I will never stick a  tower up 
> unless I use a Hazer..
> as far as the guys I use a trail system that takes the guys up  when I 
> crank the Hazer up and they come down when I crank it down ...easy as  pie..
> Randy
> Carlus  M. Chavis 
> WB4UNA since 1970  
> 1.8-432
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