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If he raised the anchors, since he has such a small footprint, causing the
guys to be at a more shallow angle, would that be a real option?  If so, how
high should the anchors be raised?  


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The  tower is 150' Rohn 25G.  The guy anchors are placed at 51', 51',  and
44' from the base (can't be any more because of the lot).  Rohn  used to
have a PDF document going over the requirements for anchors, guy  wires,
etc. for different guy anchor positions.  I cannot find this  document,
and all I can find is the standard one with the standard 120'  anchor
placement from the base.  Do any of you have any  recommendations or
documentation on how to figure out the correct materials  to be used to
support this tower?  Moving the guy anchor positions out  is not an

I'm glad you're climbing it and not me.  The correct guy  postion is about 
80% from the base, or around 120 feet.  The tower is an  accident waiting to

happen in a strong wind.  I imagine it is "exciting" to  climb.  Guys 
should be 3/16 EHS.  My guess is it only has four guy  points at most, and
not erected by a tower company
Complete info can be found on the Rohn site.
Bill KH7XS

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