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Re: [TowerTalk] V beam leg lengths

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] V beam leg lengths
From: "Rick Karlquist" <>
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Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 21:31:20 -0700
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Sorry, but any wire 100's of feet long will interact on 80
meters, and you can't get around that by making it any particular
multiple of a 1/4 wave, etc.  Model on EZNEC and you will see
the bad news.

Rick N6RK

Chuck Gerarden wrote:
> I am designing a V beam system with 4 legs radiating out from my 80
> meter tower, parallel to the ground. any 2 of the 4 wires can be selected
> by relays for correct apex angle based on frequency. I am trying to
> avoid any interaction with the 80 meter horizontal phased array at 100
> feet. V legs are at 70 feet. I am trying to avoid leg lengths that are
> near 1/2 waves on 80 and have come to a compromise of 500 feet. My 500
> feet was determined by multiplying 3 - 1/2 (140)waves and adding a 1/4
> (70)wave. Antenna is fed with 450 ohm line and balanced tuner.  I intend
> to use the V beam mostly on 40,20,15,and 10. The enclosed angle between
> the wires is about 30-35 degrees. Does anyone have suggestions on best
> wire length to avoid 80 meter interaction? Any empirical input to this
> project is appreciated. . I also refer everyone to the Aug 1956 QST
> article on multiple V beams.
> Thanks, Chuck, W0DLE
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