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[TowerTalk] Telescoping TV Mast Installation questions

Subject: [TowerTalk] Telescoping TV Mast Installation questions
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Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 19:38:11 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
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I'd like to have a telescoping TV mast installed on the roof of my 2-story 
house. I'd like to use the 50-foot Rohn telescoping mast (they're actually 
about 44 feet when installed). I've used them in years past to support a TA-33 
tribander beam and Ham-II Rotator, by using just the lower four of five mast 
sections and guying with one set of guy wires at the base of the rotator. It 
was up for several years, and rode out some pretty big wind storms with no 
problems. I was definitely lucky, but it showed me that these are pretty stout 
masts - especially if they're installed "properly", with all of the intended 
guy wires.

I'd like to have this installed on my roof - it's a two-story house with a very 
steep roof on one side of the peak (maybe 45 degrees), and not very steep at 
all (maybe 15 degrees) on the other side of the peak. I'd like this to support 
just a small VHF vertical antenna (something like a small Diamond or Comet 
dual-band vertical) and the center of a ladder-line fed 80-Meter inverted vee.

Who would I contact to install such a mast? An electrical contractor? A roofing 
company? I wouldn't do this project myself - it's just way too dangerous for 
me. I did pull myself up with a rope thrown over the house several years ago to 
install a small tripod at the end of the roof (not the roof center) with a 
10-foot TV mast, which supports my inverted and a couple of small VHF/UHF 
antennas. This installation needs to be done properly by a knowledgeable, 
bonded contractor with all of the necessary insurance, workman's comp, etc. The 
guy wires all need to be installed, the mast needs to be mounted solidly in the 
center of the roof peak, and any mounting holes in the roof will need to be 
sealed properly. I just don't know what kind of contractor or business might do 
such installations. I know who to contact for "real" tower work, but not for 
one of these big, heavy TV masts that are designed to go on a roof. Any 
suggestions would be appreciated.


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