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Subject: [TowerTalk] 7-16 Din
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
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Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 03:36:05 -0700
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Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 03:15:01 -0400
From: "Roger (K8RI)" <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] 7-16 Din?

Jim Miller wrote:
> In the current discussion of N/UHF connectors the 7-16DIN was
> mentioned and I googled it to see what it was all about.
> Is this popular outside of the US?

## It was originated by the German military in the mid 60's.
Commerical user's in EU  were next.  Spread to NA in the
mid 90's. 

> What improvements does it have over the N?

### 2900 v rms  vs 500 vrms.   Good to 6 Ghz.  Handles 20 kw
pep on hf bands. Not much bigger than a typeN /so-239.
1.25"  square  vs  1"  square  for a female chassis connector. 

## BTW, that '10kw PEAK' rating for a type N  is  PEAK...
which is DOUBLE  PEP /RMS !   A 100 w light bulb is 200 w
PEAK.   120 vac = 170 v PEAK.    Peak V  / fixed resistance =
PEAK  current.  Peak current x Peak Voltage = Peak power.  

##  Ur 1.5 kw pep out linear  actually puts  out...'3 kw PEAK'
Peak power is a bs rating... if u see it being used... divide by
two, to get the real rating. 

Better fit, better construction, more rugged, higher ratings to higher 
frequencies, and just generally better all the way around.  I under 
stand the cell and cable companies are standardizing on them (for other 
than the 75 ohm hard line) so with the large market the price *should* 
be coming down and the availability going up.

##  all the telco's and all cell co's  in NA  have switched to 7-16 DIN
as of Dec 31 -2009.  Failure prone  type N's are now history. 

## For most coax cables... like  7/8" heliax and bigger.. and 
LMR-1200 and bigger.. only connector's available are Type N
and 7-16 Din [and in some cases 7/8"  EIA flange connectors] 

##  If you want to see something silly, look at  1.25" heliax...
with a type N installed.  You have a connector, the size of a coffee mug
with this tiny pin in the middle.. the same size as a BNC pin on ur 2m
hand held/rubber duck ant.   For $2.00 more... you can buy a 7-16 DIN. 

## Andrew stopped making UHF connector's  for  7/8" heliax a long time

## center pin in a 7-16 Din is huge.. like a 22 round.  There is no RF on the
pin anyway.. it all flows down the outside of the mating 7mm female [7mm=.284"]
The shield collet is 16 mm ID.. which is huge.   You can now get 7-16 Dins
for ANY coax... right down to RG-58  and and 213 sizes.  Loads of 7-16
connectors/hardware/chassis  connectors available surplus.   It's the
new standard... while still being relatively small vs Type N.  Water proof.. 
and you can
apply 5 X  the torque  VS  a type N. 

## Array solutions, et all, has 7-16 Din as options on most of their equipment,
from baluns to remote switch box's, etc.   UHF connector's are great... but
I would not use a type N on any big coax... not cost effective at all  VS  7-16

later.......... Jim  VE7RF  

  They kinds look like an N 
connector on steroids, but they really are much better.  As Hector said, 
they are the ones the big boys are using.


Roger (K8RI)
> Is it available for sale in the US? I wasn't able to find it at the
> usual Ham outlets.
> tnx
> jim ab3cv
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