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> Is this popular outside of the US?

## It was originated by the German military in the mid 60's.
Commerical user's in EU  were next.  Spread to NA in the
mid 90's. 

No, was not originated by the German military, type C was used by the
Type 7-16 was developed and used for commercial broadcast, before it was
6-16 (60 Ohms)

> What improvements does it have over the N?

### 2900 v rms  vs 500 vrms.   Good to 6 Ghz.  Handles 20 kw
pep on hf bands. 
Not much bigger than a typeN /so-239.
1.25"  square  vs  1"  square  for a female chassis connector. 

No, 7-16 is specified 7.5KW at 30MHz.
N is rated 1KV working voltage, 7-16 is rated 2.7KV

## BTW, that '10kw PEAK' rating for a type N  is  PEAK...
which is DOUBLE  PEP /RMS !   A 100 w light bulb is 200 w
 120 vac = 170 v PEAK.    Peak V  / fixed resistance =
PEAK  current.  Peak current x Peak Voltage = Peak power.  

There is nothing like "peak power".
A rating "peak" for power does not exist.

Type N is specified 1.8KW at 30MHz.

##  Ur 1.5 kw pep out linear  actually puts  out...'3 kw PEAK'
Peak power is a bs rating... if u see it being used... divide by
two, to get the real rating. 

No, 1.5KW pep output are not 3KW peak.
It is 1.5KW RMS, measured at the crest of the modulation envelope



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