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Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 22:08:38 -0400
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Sometimes local complaints about the strobes get them changed.  I do not 
know the process, but I know in the area a pair of towers was strobes 
24/day and the residents didn't like it.  They are now strobe day and 
red at night.

Larry Burke wrote:
> You may have just answered one of the great mysteries of my morning commute.
> Recently a 2000 foot commercial tower was erected not too far from where I
> live. It has BOTH flashing red lights and strobes, but they do not run at
> the same time. At daybreak the reds go off and the strobes go on. At dusk,
> the opposite takes place. Two other nearby 2000 footers have strobes on
> 24/7. None of these towers is painted red/white. So it sounds like it's
> legal to run strobes during the day but not red lights.... and strobes are
> required during the day if there is no red/white painting? 
> This still does not answer the question why the new tower has two lighting
> systems. Why not just run strobes all the time and not bother with red
> lights at all?
> Larry K5RK
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> Not legal. You can't leave them on all the time. I'm assuming these are red
> only incandescent at night
> and this tower is painted red/white for daytime?
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