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Re: [TowerTalk] Spanish-language conversation on baluns, antennas

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Spanish-language conversation on baluns, antennas
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Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 16:40:18 -0700
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Maybe you should moderate a few very busy groups and see if you have the
time to check all different language posts.  Moderators are unpaid
volunteers, people are not lining up for the job I can tell you. 

English has become the global language of the internet and Ham radio in
general.  Even the French speaking moderator of one of the groups I moderate
insists on English posts, because if you accept French then you would have
to accept Spanish etc. and so it would go on.  If English was not insisted
upon the different language posts would not remain a small percentage for
long believe me.

Being a European, French, German, Spanish and Italian are not a real problem
for me, but it makes things much easier and faster if the posts are in
English because I do not speak those languages every day.

Mike, K6BR

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On 4/26/2010 4:40 PM, van wd8aam wrote:

 > In regard to Joe Subich remarks below, a reflector is designed to
 > SHARE information.  Therefore a reply to originator setting in MY
 > opinion defeats the purpose of information sharing.

A properly designed reflector will give the user the CHOICE of
"Reply to sender" and "Reply to All" or "Reply to List."  This
software is so crippled by the moderator's configuration that
it is nearly impossible to reply to sender without using "new"
and looking up the poster's e-mail address.

 > On my 9 reflectors I manage, if any non-English language is used,
 > it gets the poster removed from the group immediately, explanations
 > will come later.

That's completely narcissistic, xenophobic, unnecessary and short
sighted in today's global society.  Any moderator who doesn't have
time to respond reasonably to an occasional non-English posting
doesn't have the time to be a proper moderator and should step


    ... Joe, W4TV


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