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Re: [TowerTalk] AV-640 (was GapChallenger ComparisonTesting Studies)

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] AV-640 (was GapChallenger ComparisonTesting Studies)
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Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 01:37:13 -0400
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Dan Schaaf wrote:
> Jim
> For what it is worth, I have not done too much 20 and 15 meter work with the 
> 640 since I have yagis also. However, on 12 meters, I ragchewed with N2WB 
> operator at VP6DX on 12 between pileups using 100 watts and the 640.
Tis only a single point, but tonight while working in the shop I heard 
an IK6 working quite a few US stations. Conditions were not exactly 
exceptional with repeated calls. I gave my call  once (at 04:55Z on 
7.155) using the AV-640, he came right back and said I had a tremendous 
signal while he'd not been giving out super reports from what I'd been 
hearing.  Admittedly I'm running the legal limit and not 100 watts, but 
still comparably speaking it was a good report. It's also a single data 
point and we may have had the momentary "pipeline".
> 12 and 10 meters as you know can be very exciting when the band is open and 
> not much power or antenna is required under those conditions.
 40 during the sunspot cycle low is pretty much the equivalent of 20 
during a sunspot cycle high except for the recent disturbed conditions. 
Last winter I'd start working AU and NZ around 0500Z and some where 
around 0800Z the band would switch to Europe with good strong S9+ 
signals. Often both areas might come in at the same time with 2 hours or 
more of overlap. Two weeks ago it was Europe starting around 2000 Z 
switching to AU and NZ around 0500 to 0800.


Roger (K8RI)


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