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Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 11:06:05 -0400
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 Just a little note regarding "link coupling": I had just put up my first 
Window with a link coupling to a home built antenna tuner. Everything went 
well. I was very happy how well it worked. 1/1 swr etc. When it started to 
snow!!! First I got a loud bang in my power supply (an indication my rig wasn't 
properly grounded). When that was fixed I heard and saw a blue spark between 
the loop connected to the antenna and the coil connected to the radio.

Conclusion: Always make sure you have a DC path from you antenna and ground

73 de Hans - N2JFS



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Many years ago the "WINDOM" was a very popular antenna.
It was fed off center with 300 ohm twin lead and link 
to the transmitter.  There was an insulator at the feed 
point with
unequal length of wire on the two sides.  Think the 
antenna book
windom single wire feed but substitute the 300 ohm twin
lead and center insulator and you will get the picture.

Wayne  N5GT

The real 1930's Windom did not have an insulator in it and it was fed by a
single wire from the tank circuit of the transmitter. 

If you "Google" Windom you'll find a number of versions on-line fed with
Ladderline as well as coax.

I'll mail you a copy of the page from my 1970 ARRL Antenna Handbook.

73 Craig



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