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Re: [TowerTalk] Need a bit of help fairly pricing an AB-577

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Need a bit of help fairly pricing an AB-577
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Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 08:37:10 -0400
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So how much did you pay for it??  I have one, and we have 5 more permanently
mounted  at W3PP.  Without pix, its hard to
Determine the condition. Google ab-577 masts. For me that brought up the
surplus place in Ontario Canada.
they usually have their prices posted. Those prices don't include shipping.
You didn't say if you have the canvas bags that hold the  guy
wire/tensioners, stakes, and other accessories?


Chet N4FX

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Need a bit of help fairly pricing an AB-577

Through a kind deed helping a fellow ham out of hot water with his wife, I
have ended up with a second AB-577 tubular tower.  I don't need it and it is
taking up valuable space in my garage.  I'd like to sell it but I really
have no idea where the market is on these towers now (and I probably paid
him too much for it.)

I guess I actually need two bits of help.  First is pricing one of these
since goggle searches weren't much help.  It's the basic tower, has all the
cables, etc, but no screw anchors (at this time - I'm looking for some right
now!)  It is also missing a couple of the basic tools like the hammer and
digging bar, but all the special stuff is there.  It's in good condition,
but it does not look 'depot new'.  Lots of cosmetic wear, but all the parts
move and latch, etc..  It has 8 sections, collars, the top adapter, the
winch and handle.

The second is how to help a buyer avoid unnecessary shipping costs.  I'm
willing to deliver local, but my guess is that the person that 'really,
really wants it' isn't going to be down the street or Rob would have sold it
to him and I wouldn't have had to buy it.  When I bought mine, I had a
friend accept shipment commercially which reduced the cost.  I'm assuming a
street side pickup is going to cost a buyer, but I really don't know much
about how to locate a shipper to do a local 'drop off' at using my pickup.
The only reason I'm thinking about this is that shipping cost could be a
deterrent to a sale.

I can arrange to palletize this thing as someone I know has access to a
banding machine, wrap, and can get an 8' pallet.  I think it will run about
$50 to do that (is that reasonable?)

I suppose I could make it the buyer's problem, but I'd rather be a bit
prepared in order to sell this thing (and maybe get it into someone's hands
before field day.)  The end goal is getting this thing sold and recovering
my costs.

Thanks for any advise.

Grant Hopper, KB7WSD


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