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Re: [TowerTalk] Digging holes for anchor rods

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Digging holes for anchor rods
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Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 12:41:07 -0500
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Mark Robinson wrote:
> Is it important that the guy anchors are out at the same distance?. For 
> instance on  a 100 foot tower. 45G Rohn says 80% which is 80 feet. If one 
> guy anchor point is at 108 feet, one is at 97 feet and another is at 95 
> feet, is that OK?
> Mark N1UK

if you think about it and visualize it... what is best is getting the anchors 
  (fill those pipes with concrete!!) out as far as possible to assure as low 
angle as possible.   As stated, Not Less than 80 feet.  Further if possible.
the distance beyond that should not make any difference as long as they are 
within the spread that you have mentioned.  I think that you are just fine.
I plan to put mine in with about the same distance spread that you have.
My concern is phillystran vs steel cable.  since I am running dipoles and 
long wires, I want to avoid detuning from metal cable and I am hoping that 
Phillstran is within comparable strength vs some huge percent of a lesser 
amount of detuning.  Phillystran sure is expensive but...

anyway, good luck, you should be fine.

--   k5dam  Houston, TX

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