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[TowerTalk] Crankup Tower Cable Issues

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Crankup Tower Cable Issues
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Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 10:03:23 -0700
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I live on the central OR coast, just a few hundred feet from the ocean.

The cables on my HyGain HG-70HD are the original cables.  When I installed 
the tower here on the coast, the guy at the fishing fleet cable 
rigging/marine supply/electronics facility N of me (they service most of the 
ocean fishing fleet out of the port) came up to inspect the tower and tell 
me about what I should expect from the cables and how best to protect them. 
He advised that I properly apply LPS-3 or a comparable penetrating lubricant 
to the cables and follow up with reapplication on a yearly basis. He also 
advised a heavy LPS-3 penetration of the cable area where they are swaged 
onto the eye and use of a light waterproof grease on the pulley wheels to 
help prevent any corrosion pitting/buildup on the wheel surface. We also 
applied this grease to the pulley shafts and replaced the steel cotter pins 
holding the shafts with SS cotter pins.

The primary concern he expressed was about wear/fraying due to the cables 
rolling over the small diameter pulleys (dependent upon how much I raised 
and lowered the tower). The tower has been up on the coast since 2003. I 
don't do much playing with the height except when high wind storms are 
imminent, then I reduce the height. The rigger inspected the cables last 
summer and pronounced them sound, no fraying and no rust (perhaps a little 
surface rust in a couple of places but nothing to worry about). He did 
advise keeping an eye for rust that appeared to be originating from within 
the cable (not to worry about the surface coloring). Looking at the tower 
specs he also concluded that there was a very good safety margin on the 
sizes/strengths of cable used by the manufacturer (not sure if HyGain built 
them or someone else did and HyGain sold them with their label).

He did suggest keeping a closer eye on the cables as the 5 year mark was hit 
and even if looking sound to replace them at 10. At the same time I will 
replace the existing pulley shaft pins with better grade less corrosive 
shaft material.

He also put me onto a nonconductive grease called CorrosionBlock which the 
facility uses on electrical and RF connectors, fittings and other items on 
board the boats. Made in Canada.  I've use it on my outside electrical and 
RF connectors/fittings. Doesn't wash off in the rain and being aqua colored 
I can easily see where it is. Even used it on the dumb RJ connectors of my 
Peet wx station. Where used I have never had a problem with being able to 
pull things apart or water/moisture problems (yes, I properly 
wrap/externally seal all outside RF and AC or DC connectors too). Have only 
seen it available at marine supply houses.


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Steve that is not the case in Florida, cables last 5-10 years in the salt
air environment here. I've even seen 2 collapse because of rotten cables and
of course the towers and antennas were severely damaged.

Julio, W4HY also a US Tower authorized service and installer rep

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>  I don't know why lightning would damage your steel tower  cables.  I
replaced my guy wires after a strike.  US  Towers recommends changing
frequently, regardless of lightning, but  very few people do it.

    For one they typically can't - it's not an easy  job.

    Also, the 3-year cable replacement recommended by  UST is a weasel
clause. That is, if you have some semi-fatal problem and you  didn't replace
cables, they can weasel out of any responsibility.

    In typical usage, I've never seen crank-up cables  that actually should
have been replaced - even in crank-ups 20 years old and  older.

Steve    K7LXC


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