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[TowerTalk] Silicone on coax connector's ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Silicone on coax connector's ?
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 22:02:58 -0700
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Ok...  Andrew  heliax co sez to use silicone on coax connectors... to eliminate 
... 'microscopic arcing'.

Ken at Cal-Av sez the same thing.   The silicone is to fill the voids..since u 
always end up with tiny
air pockets, even with connectors cranked tight.   

This is a silly question, but when did silicone start to conduct anything ??   
'Conducto-lube'  which is grnd up silver powder in grease would probably work 
but I would be leery of using conductive grease.. as it can bunch up at the 
and cause an arc from base of pin, over to braid/shell. 

Conducto lube is made by 'cool-amp'   co in Ore. 

So what's the real story on silicone on coax connector's ??    If it is ok to 
use... is there
a certain type to obtain??    I think there is several different types of 
silicone.  Some
comes in a tube.  [ like toothpaste].. and some in spray bombs.   Seems to me 
the stuff
in tubes comes in a doz diff formulations... and some of em are NOT good for 
use.... like coax connectors. 

tnx.......... Jim  VE7RF

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