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Re: [TowerTalk] Silicone on coax connector's ?

To: Jim Thomson <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Silicone on coax connector's ?
From: jimlux <>
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2010 07:10:09 -0700
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Jim Thomson wrote:
> Ok...  Andrew  heliax co sez to use silicone on coax connectors... to 
> eliminate ... 'microscopic arcing'.
> Ken at Cal-Av sez the same thing.   The silicone is to fill the voids..since 
> u always end up with tiny
> air pockets, even with connectors cranked tight.   
> This is a silly question, but when did silicone start to conduct anything ??  
>  [Dc/60hz/RF]  
> 'Conducto-lube'  which is grnd up silver powder in grease would probably work 
> better,
> but I would be leery of using conductive grease.. as it can bunch up at the 
> bottom..
> and cause an arc from base of pin, over to braid/shell. 

It's not a conductive filler.  It's an insulator. The idea is to fill 
all the voids with silicone goop (which doesn't cure.. it's a thick 
grease)to keep water and other stuff out, and to avoid air bubbles.

It's a sort of specialized thing for unusual environments (high 
altitude, underwater) or unusual applications (HV). I wouldn't think 
that most amateur applications would need it.

BTW, the stuff is basically impossible to remove completely, so don't 
get any on anything you hope to later glue to.  I think hexane will 
remove, but maybe not.. it's pretty chemically inert. (that's why they 
use it in stuff that's going to be implanted in your body and in food 
processing equipment)

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