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Re: [TowerTalk] No Tool Fast Assembly HF Beam

To: EZ Rhino <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] No Tool Fast Assembly HF Beam
From: jimlux <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2010 21:13:04 -0700
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EZ Rhino wrote:
> Two ideas:
> I recently built a portable tower for Field Day and the sections go
> together with lynch pins.  (Google: "Lynch Pins" under Images tab).
> Or: How about running shock cord through all sections just like tent
> poles?  And finally, if it was me I'd leave the elements and boom
> assembled and just throw them on top of my car on the roof rack.  If
> the elements are still too long, take them apart into halves.
> Chris KF7P

The shock cord idea is kind of interesting.  you'd need to glue/fasten a 
stop inside the larger tube to limit how far the smaller tube goes in, 
but that could be almost anything.. A plastic plug that is a snug fit 
and you hammer it in?

The shock cord keeps it all together.

you'd need to bring some sandpaper every time you assemble, though, to 
make sure you get a good connection.

The other thing would be to use some sort of quick disconnect fitting 
(like on air hoses).  They're a bit heavy compared to aluminum tubing, 
but they are spring loaded.

And moving in that direction, what about just using BNC connectors or 
some other bayonet mount scheme.  You could get just the shells for 
standard circular multipin connectors (they're available in plastic, as 
well, for a few bucks each)

What about a big Anderson PowerPole?  THey're pretty rugged, have a fair 
amount of force required to separate them. I don't know if they have the 
bending rigidity you'd need. You'd glue it to the ends of the two tubes.

Something like a bananaplug on the end of the smaller tube, and a buried 
  banana jack inside the larger tube?

There's also garden hose quick connects.

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