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[TowerTalk] 6061-T8... new alloy

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 6061-T8... new alloy
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 05:40:03 -0700
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I noticed on DX eng's site that they sell boom material, made from 6061-T8.

Now this T8 version I had not heard of.   It's a full 10 ksi stonger  [in yield 
VS  6061-T6.  That equates to 28.6%  stronger..which is nothing to sneeze at. 

The boom material they sell is all .120"  wall.    Now this stuff is superb.  
It all telescopes
into each other.  IE:  1.50"-1.75"- 2.00" - 2.25" -2.5"-2.75"-3.00" 

I don't know how long the .120" wall has been out for.  it appears to be only 
available in the
new  T8 version.    T6 has been available in .125"  wall  for many sizes.. like 
above, BUT they 
don't telescope, which is a real pain.   You have to turn it down in a lathe, 
etc.. to make it fit
inside the next size up.  

The .120" wall has always been available for steel tubing.  Dunno why it took 
so long to do the
same for AL tubing ? 

How long has this new 6061-T8  been available ??   It would be the answer, and 
a quick fix to one of
my new boom projects.

Later.. Jim   VE7RF 

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