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[TowerTalk] more on Slick way to bury conduit etc.

Subject: [TowerTalk] more on Slick way to bury conduit etc.
From: Grant Saviers <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2010 11:00:23 -0700
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Here are some links and pictures

Condux pulling grip on ebay would handle 1.5" conduit, browse "pulling grip" search for the size you want (0.3" to 6.0"!).

a build it yourself ripper

this company makes a ripper tooth and a hitch that mounts to a trailer receiver, so a suitable truck, atv, etc could do the pulling

single blade rippers are optional for Bobcats, so the equipment rental outlets should have them as part of a Bobcat rental

several models of ripper points, also called subsoilers As I recall, my attachment was made by Land Pride, but I can't find it in the pdf catalog available on-line. It is solid 1" thick steel plate, weighs about 180# with hitch

Here are a couple of pictures, I'll take some more of the actual blade and grip in a few days. One shows the midway ditch with the pipe going in the ground, another show the tractor and the soil behind with the pipe in the ground, the pipe laying next to it are for the next section to pull.

It seems that what pulls the ripper tooth is limited only by ham invention and creativity as ATV's, Gators, Bobcats, dozers, trucks, even a car with a trailer hitch could work if it has the traction, power, and strong enough hitch.

One additional thought on conduit - 1" conduit can be bent up enough in the midway ditches to glue sections already in the ground. For bigger conduit either the joiner trench needs to be longer or some way to push the sections together needs to be devised. Maybe a lever against a block on the end of the section just pulled, or a rope rolling hitch and come along to back it up a few inches, or ??

We did shear one of the 5/8" blade holding bolts when we got into some thick oak tree roots. It was probably grade 1-2 and was replaced with grade 5 and didn't recur. The good news is that if the ripper and vehicle call pull through the roots, rocks, or whatever, the path is clear for what is being pulled.

Grant  KZ1W

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