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Subject: [TowerTalk] Glen Martin Roof Top tower
From: "Gene" <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 15:15:11 -0500
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Looking at Glenn Martin 26 foot tower, to mount on my deck about 8 foot
below the eve and extended above the peak of the house with an Archer
rotator, masting, and H frame 4 element 1296 MHz beam set up.  This should
work well, getting me 6+ foot off ground with the deck level, then
eve(wallmount) bracket at about 8 foot level, then go on up the rest of the
way with a 10' foot mast.  Glenn Martin will assemble the tower into three
sections and as I do not live that far away I will go and pick up.   Bring
the three pieces hoe and assemble them from low to high.  Nice thing about
the mount/tower is it has a climbing side and can be worked off the roof as
well up a bit of the way.  Makes for a nice install that is self sufficient.
Do not know if I am missing anything here, but welcome to input.  Will take
a few weeks for them to get the materials and etc together then will drive
down and pick up the addition to the antenna farm here which is sub-urban.
Think this will look neat from front of house with no guys, etc.

Any thought appreciated, plan on using the rotator bracket lower in the
tower, and the thrust bearing on top with the rotator from Radio Shack off
set inside the tower as it is a mast diameter offset from top to bottom,
which should easily be accommodated inside the tower.

Anyway, thanks for reading,

KB0GU Gene Bigham


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