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Re: [TowerTalk] FW: airline travel with antenna(s) in a golf bag,

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] FW: airline travel with antenna(s) in a golf bag,
From: Krishna Kanakasapapathi <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 08:55:46 -0400
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I once carried a 2 Ele 6-40m steppir in a High Sierra double ski bag. 
The motors units went into my other suitcase.
I flew out from a location where i had someone who can hold the antenna 
in case the airline refuses to check it in.
I am sure the fall back is to pay extra, but at times they can deny it 
based on dimensional weight. It certainly is not
without frustration until the check-in process is complete. Again, i 
completely agree with the don't ask/don't tell policy.
It is better to ask for forgiveness when you are holding a reservation 
and are ready to check in.

In order to avoid frustration, the other option is to find out the cargo 
terminal for the airline. For example, i think
 Lufthansa has one in Atlanta, British Air has one in Wash Dulles  and 
then check in the bags about a couple days earlier
as cargo to fly on the same flight that one is holding a ticket. They 
retain the bags in cold storage for 48 hours and then
one can only hope it travels with you on the same flight. I did not go 
this route, but found this to be an option that is


Tony Brock-Fisher wrote:
> If you read the 'fine print' on the airline sites, it probably states that 
> the golf bag can NOT contain anything OTHER than golf equipment, not even a 
> pair of underwear! Although I doubt any airlines actually enforce this, it IS 
> written in their rules. This scared me away from carrying my son's fencing 
> gear in a golf bag. (Just try getting a sword in your carry on)!
> -Tony, K1KP
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