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Re: [TowerTalk] FW: airline travel with antenna(s) in a golf bag,

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] FW: airline travel with antenna(s) in a golf bag,
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Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 08:23:46 -0500
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One can also use PVC pipe as we have done going to YN land. The main thing 
is to use something that keeps the tubing from being bent up. If you have 
ever looked out the window and watched the guys throw the bags on the belt 
going into the airplane. That is why that the rig or amp should be in your 
carry-on bags. Also the belts that take the bags from the check in to the 
loading carts can sometimes jam and then things get damaged. One other way 
is to find a friend that works for a airline or for FedEx and have them ship 
it for you as they get a discount. Remember on the arrival side both there 
and back at home DON'T TELL IF THEY DON'T ASK. Most places where we hams go 
are also tourist spots and they want you there to spend money and they are 
use to big bags. They most likely just wave you through customs if there is 
anyone there at all. I have been through customs in Africa where no one is 
there asking any questions and also in Europe. Go through the Nothing to 
Declare door.

Charles F. Frost

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>I once carried a 2 Ele 6-40m steppir in a High Sierra double ski bag.
> The motors units went into my other suitcase.
> I flew out from a location where i had someone who can hold the antenna
> in case the airline refuses to check it in.
> I am sure the fall back is to pay extra, but at times they can deny it
> based on dimensional weight. It certainly is not
> without frustration until the check-in process is complete. Again, i
> completely agree with the don't ask/don't tell policy.
> It is better to ask for forgiveness when you are holding a reservation
> and are ready to check in.
> In order to avoid frustration, the other option is to find out the cargo
> terminal for the airline. For example, i think
> Lufthansa has one in Atlanta, British Air has one in Wash Dulles  and
> then check in the bags about a couple days earlier
> as cargo to fly on the same flight that one is holding a ticket. They
> retain the bags in cold storage for 48 hours and then
> one can only hope it travels with you on the same flight. I did not go
> this route, but found this to be an option that is
> available.
> 73s
> krish
> w4vku
> Tony Brock-Fisher wrote:
>> If you read the 'fine print' on the airline sites, it probably states 
>> that the golf bag can NOT contain anything OTHER than golf equipment, not 
>> even a pair of underwear! Although I doubt any airlines actually enforce 
>> this, it IS written in their rules. This scared me away from carrying my 
>> son's fencing gear in a golf bag. (Just try getting a sword in your carry 
>> on)!
>> -Tony, K1KP
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