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I would like to know too as I bought the Harbor Freight several years ago
and have just never gotten around to installing it as high up on house and
as close to the nested height (25 ft) of a 50 foot small footprint aluma
tower with an A3S, 15 element 215WB 2 meter boomer, and Yaesu G800DX rotor
on the very top of the tower (inside section of tower not large enough to
allow mounting in tower.  I do not have the specs in front of me, but I
recall it was rated quite adequately for weight it was able to pull, and had
a brake that would not allow it to free wheel down when lowering the tower,
although there is a free wheel lever than can be activated, I was
considering safety affixing it off so it could not be engaged except in a
very deliberate attempt.  It is the model T1500 now that I went and looked.
Max lbs. 1,500; speed ft/min max 5.2; min 1.6 ft/min; current draw 12VDC
0.67 hp 90 amps at 1,500 lbs; 60 amps @ 1,000 lbs, 30 amps at 500 lbs, 20
amps at 250 lbs.  Must be mounted in the under wind position.  It has a
winch control cable that hangs from the winch with a rocker switch.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Harbor Freight WInch

Any thoughts on using a Harbor Freight winch for a U.S. Tower 55 ft

I think the one sold by U.S. Towe is around $1200 versus $150 for the Harbor
Freight model.


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