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[TowerTalk] Buriable coax?

Subject: [TowerTalk] Buriable coax?
From: Tom Anderson <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 13:25:52 -0700 (PDT)
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Is there any truly "buriable" coax or does one need to snake the "buriable" 
staff through a piece of buried PVC pipe.  I'm installing a vertical in my back 
yard and was wondering which was best?  A note, the area where I live is 
permeated by underground springs that ooze water.

When I dug the 6 ft. hole for my 50 ft crank up in 1992, it filled up overnight 
with water and when I called the city thinking we may have hit a waterline 
someplace.  Their inspectors came out and said this area was inpregnated with 
underground springs.  Once we pumped out the hole you could see the water 
dribbling in from many locations along the sides of the square hole.  A friend 
of mine who owed me a favor dug the hole for free with a backhole he owned, so 
we had to push all the dirt back in.

One thing we did find was a steering wheel to a 1960 Chevy pickup truck at the 
6 ft level.  No this isn't a hoiusing developement built on top of trash dump, 
according to the city.  Never did figure that one out hi hi.

Finally hired a professional tower installer who dug the hole for the concrete 
base (A TriEX W-51 crankup), set the base, and pumped in the concrete all 
within 10 hours so it wouldn't fill up with water again.

73 de Tom, WW5L



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