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[TowerTalk] Buriable coax

Subject: [TowerTalk] Buriable coax
From: John Lyles <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 15:50:55 -0600
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About 15 years ago, I bought some spools of IP-8 Impervion, a Times 
Microwave cable that was RG-8 impregnated with a silicone goo that was 
supposed to prevent ingress of moisture and allow direct burial. I got 
it from Surplus Sales of Nebraska at the time. I buried a run from my 
bedroom shack out to the tower, another out to a suspended vertical 
piece to the center of a dipole. I have no idea of the stuff worked, but 
I have not seen increase in VSWR and the radios still get out. I wonder 
if Times still makes IP-8?


> Is there any truly "buriable" coax or does one need to snake the "buriable" 
> staff through a piece of 
> buried PVC pipe.  I'm installing a vertical in my back yard and was wondering 
> which was best?   


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