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Re: [TowerTalk] Glen Martin Roof Top 26 footer, question

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Glen Martin Roof Top 26 footer, question
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Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 16:21:45 -0500
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     Not exactly  But I put up a 17 ft Glen Martin roof-top tower.  I was/am
very pleased with it.  Simple to build and put up.   It has survived a
number of ugly storms without a hitch.

     I do suggest you talk with Glen Martin about the rotor mount when or
before purchasing the tower to (a) make sure your planned rotor will fit and
(b) make sure they drill the rotor plate right.  I had trouble with mine -
Glen Martin had to make and send me a new one delaying my installation.
They DID pay for the new rotor plate and its shipping.  

     I was very pleased with their customer service and telephonic technical

73 and good luck...   Bill K3WA 

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Glen Martin Roof Top 26 footer, question

Anyone with any experience with this small tower?  I realize it is designed
for roof top mounting, but I am going to bolt the base to my deck, using
lumber under decking to strengthen mount, decking is 6-7' foot off ground,
use a wall mount bracket at about the 10' level where the eve of the single
story dining area will meet up with the tower using a 6" Rohn W bracket.
Then mount rotator inside the tower and up and out from rotator with 10'
mast pipe from Glen Martin as well.  All this to support an H frame 1296
four element array.  From the drawings I saw one side of the tower is
designed for climbing, must be a bit heavier material there.  I guess I need
to find out what the weight restriction is for climbing, as I am 6'2" and
weight over 270 lbs.  This should get me over the peak of the house easily
enough.  I also am requesting the rotator shelf be the one that mounts lower
in the tower rather than the one that is near to the top, and will use a
thrust bearing.  I am fortunate to live on a ridge here in Lees Summit that
is above average terrain by several hundred feet.

I do not live too far from Glen Martin and they even offered to assemble the
tower in three pieces so I an load in my pick up truck, for no additional
fee.  Putting 3 pieces about 8' long together sure beats tinker toying the
whole tower together!!!  Sounds like the cross members re all aluminum, and
the hardware stainless, so should be relatively maintenance free structure.

Thanks for any thoughts comments.

Gene Bigham



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