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Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower IV-16 Inverted V mount issues

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower IV-16 Inverted V mount issues
From: "Jim McDonald" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 17:58:12 -0500
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I have used one for about 15 years with no issues.  I do use two bunji cords to 
keep it oriented but the inverted vee has enough tension to keep it from 
rotating.  The bunjis are wrapped around the top section and clipped on a leg 
or cross bracing.  I've never greased it.  I make sure the boom-to-mast bracket 
of the beam isn't resting on it.

I agree that having it turn would be a problem!

Jim N7US

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I have one and stopped using it, even though I greased it and the mast,  due to 
the friction/pressure on the mast for the beam and extra load on the rotator. 
Have gone to a fixed steel crossmember to hold my 80M inv V.
Best - alan K9MBQ

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>  Anyone using the US Tower IV-16 inverted V bracket?  
>I have one installed here, and have already seen it spin around approx.  
>90-120 degrees  while rotating the antenna stack, and it almost yanked my 
>dipole to shreads.   
>Has anyone experienced this, and solved it, by using some sort of lubricant 
>between the mast and IV mount?   Maybe grease like that which is put into the 
>thrust bearing via the fitting? Or some other sort of lubricant? 
>Otherwise,    I think I will be lowering the tower and moving the dipole 
>pulley off the IV16 and re-attaching it to one of the cross-members of the 
>upper section.  I used that method on my last tower for years. Just need an 
>extra hand to hold the ropes away from the tower face when raising or lowering 
>the tower. But at least you can turn the antenna stack without the fear of 
>tearing up the wire antennas.   Then, the next time I bring the tower 
>horizontal, trash the darn IV-16..... 


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