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Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower IV-16 Inverted V mount issues

To: Eric Dobrowansky K2WD <>,
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower IV-16 Inverted V mount issues
From: Bill NY9H <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 00:08:15 -0400
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I never heard of that thingie... thank goodness 
as I might have thought of trying it ,,,
sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.,... 
i'll stick to hanging stuff off the top section....

bill /3

\At 05:12 PM 7/19/2010, Eric Dobrowansky K2WD wrote:
>Â  Anyone using the US Tower IV-16 inverted V 
>bracket?  I have one installed here, and have 
>already seen it spin around approx.  90-120 
>degrees  while rotating the antenna stack, and 
>it almost yanked my dipole to shreads.   Has 
>anyone experienced this, and solved it, by using 
>some sort of lubricant between the mast and IV 
>mount?   Maybe grease like that which is put 
>into the thrust bearing via the fitting? Or some 
>other sort of lubricant? Otherwise,    I think 
>I will be lowering the tower and moving the 
>dipole pulley off the IV16 and re-attaching it 
>to one of the cross-members of the upper 
>section.  I used that method on my last tower 
>for years. Just need an extra hand to hold the 
>ropes away from the tower face when raising or 
>lowering the tower. But at least you can turn 
>the antenna stack without the fear of tearing 
>up the wire antennas.   Then, the next time I 
>bring the tower horizontal, trash the darn 
>IV-16..... Eric K2CB 
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