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Subject: [TowerTalk] GROUND SYSTEMS
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Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 19:13:44 -0500
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As part of my Summer, 2010 tower maintenance project, I'm doing maintenance 
on my 1980's vintage Tri-Ex LM470D which has been at this QTH since about 

Each tower leg has its own ground rod, all the legs are bonded together, as 
well as a copper bus plate in a NEMA box adjacent to the tower, a NEMA box 
at the house, a single point ground bus in the shack, etc. Polyphasers and 
additional ground rods are situated throughout the cable runs, and major 
junction points. #4 copper wire is used everywhere. The ground system has 
served me well, but it's time for more effort in this arena.

I'm inspecting & refurbishing the "old" stuff, and adding ground rods, 
replacing connections, etc.

Copper strap is REALLY expensive! Has anyone used welding cable with any 
success and longevity? Other materials? My #4 grounds are OK, but how to get 
a lower impedance ground system without taking out a second mortgage?

Soil here (Kansas City area) has a lot of clay content, and probably rather 
reactive over time.

All suggestions graciously accepted!

 Tnx es 73



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