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I tried to look at the pictures but the Sentinel could not find them.

        However, during a recent trip to Scotland, I was told of a
professional tower worker, who was working aloft on one of the Scottish
masts, when a jet fighter "ground hugging" and flying below the level at
which the tower worker was working, accidently "twanged" one of the mast
outer guy supports with the wing tip, which sent a shock wave up the guy and
brought the tower worker off the tower, fortunately, he was wearing a full
harness....apparently the aircraft flew on! Wear a full harness when working
at heights.

        I have also seen photograph of a light aircraft, where the pilot
buried its nose into a high lattice structure some where in the USA, and the
pilot climbed out and down the mast to safety, how fortunate for him it was
a mast, and not a vertical radiator.

        73, John, G3JVC.


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Page 3 of today's (Wednesday, July 21) _Holland [MI] Sentinel_ has 
pictures of Kent Ornto, a professional tower climber from Texas, 
climbing the 225ft tower at Ottawa County's Fillmore complex.

In the one picture I see that he is wearing a belt, but I see no sign in 
any of the pictures that he has it attached to anything.

Don't OSHA rules now require a full harness rather than just a belt for 
such work?

Alan NV8A

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