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The top of the tower would be somewhat stronger with the guys right at the
top, however, your installation would be a major pain in the a** to do any
work at the top. Every time that you need to move from one side of the tower
to another face of the tower, you have to climb down 5 or 6 feet to get
under the guys and then climb back up. 


You have to make the decision. I have had 4 sticks of Rohn 45 up in my life
and I always did what you first intended to do, and that is put the guys at
the bottom of the top section or near the bottom of the top section. I also
put the rotor plate right near the guys so the guys were holding the torque
of the rotor in place. In practice, there were times that my feet were on
the guys bracket while I was working at the top of the antenna structure. 


      But it is a personal preference. 




                      Gary      W5FI 





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