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Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower not answering emails

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower not answering emails
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Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 16:23:23 -0400
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I would also have to say that I have had excellent service from US Tower.  I 
had my HDX572 for a little over a year and was having a problem.  I emailed 
them and spoke to them many times over the phone.  They requested pictures 
which I sent to them.  I was later informed that they would be available to 
travel to my residence and asses my problem.  We scheduled a time frame and 
prior to their arrival tools and parts arrived.    When they arrived they 
were very cordial and professional and took care of my problem.  They 
completely checked out my tower, made some minor adjustments to my limit 
switches and answered any and all my questions.  I thoroughly enjoyed their 
visit and could not have asked for any better service than they provided.

I had an issue with the tilt over winch handle, one phone call and a 
replacement was on its way.

I have found that I get better results over the telephone and an occasional 
update letter than I do by email, but that is my experience.  Good luck and 
I am sure if you ever get to meet them you will be impressed.  I know I 
sound like a public relations person working for the company but no I am not 
associated with them in any way.

73 Pete N4KW

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>I had a lot of dealings with US Tower after my HDX-589 took a direct
> lightning strike in April.
> It took a few calls to identify the appropriate person to deal with, who
> happened to be their head of quality, but I really don't have any 
> complaints
> (OK, I have one issue).  I got personal extensions for Vicky, sales at the
> CA plant, the plant manager in KS (his name is Blake), and Brad Troxell, 
> QA.
> I even got to speak to their electrician in KS, Casey, about the wiring of
> the motor and the remote control relay box.  Brad called me while 
> traveling
> and gave me his cell too.  I was on a first name basis with all of them, 
> and
> they paid attention to me.
> When my new remote control relay box did not match up with the mounting
> brackets on my 1994-vintage tower, I gave them the dimensions on my tower,
> and they made custom brackets that were perfect.  They were not only
> galvanized they had the four mounting holes countersunk for flat head
> screws.  Heck, I even lost one screw in the grass, and Brad sent me 
> another.
> The only issue I had was their quote to overhaul the tower seemed
> unreasonably high.  They wanted to replace the cable and pulleys which I
> elected not to do because I didn't see damage.  I understand their 
> position
> of potential liability.  Their quote to travel from KS to the Chicago area
> was very high, from the perspective of an individual ham; I wouldn't have
> thought twice about it if I were with a company with a damaged tower. 
> (Yes,
> insurance would have paid it all anyway.)
> I ordered a new remote package, including the relay box, limit switches, 
> and
> inside remote control, plus a new motor from AES.  US Tower couldn't match
> AES' prices on that stuff because their distributor agreements do not 
> permit
> it.  I ordered from AES who had the stuff drop shipped from the KS plant.
> They would have sold directly to me but at their list prices.
> Their distributors are there to handle routine orders.  I think it's a 
> safe
> assumption that hams are a relatively small part of their total business,
> but I was satisfied with their support.
> Jim N7US
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> Seems people never learn about US Towers, they want your money but they do
> not want to deal with Ham Radio people.  The want you to do business 
> through
> their distributors like Texas Towers or HRO.
> Mike
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> On 7/24/2010 7:05 AM, Dan Bookwalter wrote:
>> I have sent a couple of emails to UST asking how much the tower hold down
> bolts
>> ( the 1- 1/8" ones) are for the TX-472 with no answer :-( , i also wanted
> to
>> know what size the bolts are that hold the tower to the base.
>> anyone have a good email address for them...
>> Dan N8DCJ
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