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Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 17:18:02 -0700
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The only one that stood out, miles above the rest has been DX Engineering.

## Ever since  911,   box's  from the usa take a lot longer to arrive in 

## Except for DX eng.   I ordered a ton of stuff, like a case load of those 
super mast clamps,
etc,  on line at 2 AM  on a thursday.. and they were all shipped before I 
even gotta out of bed !
They arrived the following wed, pristine condx !   Same deal with the other 
4 x caseloads of parts
from DX eng, over the last 18 x months... including dozens of SS saddle 
clamps, dacron rope, etc.
Their kit  for installing  PL-259's  really fast is superb, the best.  It 
makes installing PL-259's a breeze.

##  The coax cable cutter they sell, made by channel lock, is deluxe.  It's 
cuts  RG-213 better than
any heavy duty side cutter's ever did.   A 8 yr old girl  can use em with 2 
x finger's.   I also used em to lop
off 2 ga stranded cu grnd wire that was in the way of the new tower base. 

##  I'm going to try an experiment with a new boom... and will use some of 
their 6061-T8 alloy  [.120' wall]
to fabricate it.     I can only get .125"  wall here locally, and only in 
T-6.    The  T-8 alloy they sell, is a full  10 ksi
stronger, and it telescopes!   1.5-1.75-2-2.25-2.5-2.75-3.0     No more 
turning down the ends in a lathe, or
swedging.   The telescopic fit  has another huge advantage,  for  shipping 
purposes.  One size  will  slide
completely inside the next size,  full length.  You can then pack more 
tubing into one box.

## another good vendor is Steve Davis...from Davis RF.  This fellow goes 
the extra mile, to handle odd
ball requests for one off material.

later... Jim   VE7RF



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