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Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 14:22:30 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
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You can rent a suitable instrument for a lot less than $500 for a day. 
I haven't rented a theodolite in a bunch of years, but last time I rented an  
Sokkia electronic total station it was in the <$100/for the weekend range, 
including the tripod/rod/prism/etc.  That one did level, range, etc.

Looking online, it looks like a 20/24x level (which won't work because it 
doesn't have the ability to tilt in elevation, but gets us a feel for pricing) 
is $10/day.  
Another site ( quotes a "digital transit" at $40/day, $120/week

Mohave Instrument co in Signal Hill, CA (near Long Beach) rents an Electronic 
Theodolite, with tripod, for $285/month.

One might be able to use a laser level and binoculars.. the spot will be pretty 
big at the top of the tower though.

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>Yes it is pretty much always windy in the Midwest - well it seemed to be 
>when I was there but there are days here when it is quite still around dawn. 
>Maybe a thicker rope and heavier weight with the weight damped in a bucket 
>of water will do the trick. Got to beat spending $500 plus for a semi-decent 
>Mark N1UK
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>> Even here in Michigan on what seem like calm days the darn things move
>> around. I was never able to use one successfully. I supported and
>> leveled the bottom two sections (3 counting the half section in
>> concrete). Then kept leveling as we went up. I tensioned the guys a
>> little at a time going around the tower. When finished I borrowed a
>> transit  and it was spot on.
>> After nearly 30 years my old tower was beginning to look like a snake.
>> 90 feet of TV tower is not something that builds confidence and
>> particularly when it's no longer straight.
>> 73
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