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And then there are the power companies that simply say they don't deal with
it like SWEPCO (SouthWestern Power Company). They say that they have had so
little business and interest in surge protection that they stopped offering
the service. 

I just had to install two whole house surge suppressors (Leviton
manufacturer) myself as I have two 200A service lines and two distribution
panels in an all electric house. 


               Gary     W5FI 

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Mike Fatchett wrote:
> I put a similar device on my meter here in Montana.  I was losing 
> electronics fairly regularly, mostly cheap cordless phones.  No problems 
> since and there is a guarantee with coverage limits.
> I think I was charged a flat fee for the device of around $120.00.  Why 
> pay for a monthly fee.  That seems shady to me. Call your power company 
> and ask them what they recommend.  The power company will probably want 
> to install it since they get touchy about people messing with the meters.

the monthly fee is a reasonable way to go (assuming it's not unreasonable)..

The consumer's not out the capital investment. (several hundred bucks 
for a good one including the installaton)
The meter reader can check the status once a month, and if it fails, 
they can come out and replace it
It can be regularly replaced (if it has MOVs in it, they gradually die, 
each time they take a hit) on a decent schedule.

Your point about the utility being the one who fools with the meter is a 
good one.  TYpically, if the seal is broken, they get kind of antsy 
about possible "theft of services"


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