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Subject: [TowerTalk] Fwd: surge protectors
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 08:49:36 EDT
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Another thing you might consider, unless it's already taken care of, is to  
make sure all power conduits and signaling conduits are running parallel to 
each  other. I have a problem with that in my (relatively new built) house. 
Here they  are far apart and make up a large frame antenna with the result 
that close by  lighting induce large voltages between the 120 V receptacles 
and the phone  receptacles, something no surge procetor in this world can do 
anything about. I  have to put a surge protector at every telephone, TV, 
radio etc.
Don't repeat my mistake. 
As the phone, cable and utility is entering the house at about the same  
place it would have been a (rather) easy thing to have had all cables to run 
in  parallel minimizing the area between them. That would have saved a few of 
my  telephones and TVs before I added all these surge protectors (in my 
case from  Walmart).
Just remember, you should not (and I think you are not even  allowed) to 
put the phone and 120V wires in the same conduit. If nothing else  you could 
get sever crosstalk and a lot of noise on your phone line.
Hans - N2JFS

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