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[TowerTalk] Butternut HF6V / HF9V pictures wanted for assembly

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Butternut HF6V / HF9V pictures wanted for assembly
From: "Mark Drieci" <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 23:31:20 -0400
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Good day everyone,


I am in the initial stages of assembling an HF6V with the 17/12 meter
add-ons, but (not the 6M add-on) which I bought recently from another
amateur at a hamfest.

Unfortunately, one of the 67 pf capacitors is broken so I will be contacting
Bencher for a replacement before assembly can continue.


In the meantime:


I have one request and one question at this time for the list members:


Can anyone share any detailed pictures of the lower part of the antenna,
particularly the area of the 80 meter coil and the 80/40 meter coil and
their respective capacitors are assembled?  I would also be interested in
seeing a close-in picture of the area where the 30 meter and 17/12 meter
coil assemblies are joined.  


In this case the pictures would indeed be worth 1000 words, as the manuals I
am using (HF6V and HF9V) are not sufficiently descriptive for me to
visualize how they should be assembled.


Since this is a HF8V of sorts (no 6M kit) - I also do not have the 17 and 12
meter strips that are referred to in the HF9V manual.  Are these truly
necessary for operation on 17 and 12 meters?


I can be contacted off-list at for the pictures
requested or for any comments or suggestions on assembling this antenna.


Thank you very much for any assistance anyone can provide.


Mark - KA4MAY


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