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From: Fred <>
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2010 02:46:00 -0500
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i Wanted to say thanks to everyone who emails me and helped mne withg my 

Here is how I ended up doing it all in tyhe end now.

1. I replaced the full run of romex to the main 2 outlets in my shack area.
2. added to new breaker and such totally so shack is on its own source.
3. I did run the ground wire to the 2nd rod anyways since I went threw 
the trouble of banhging that in the ground and I now use it linked to 
all my masts and my single point ground bussbar I made.
4. added a 1 inch copper pipe flattened out to outside my window and 
maybe 4 feet from the new rod and connections.
I then added a wire to all my shack radios and equipment inside to a 
single point setup 1 and hooked all wires via the 1 inch pipe buss bar 
with oxi goop all over the conections to everything I could ground out.
it did help some of my problems with some power noise to a little degree 
but thats another matter totally.
It did stop my PC problems and the radio problems where now I can use 
the PC and my radios together and not have problems now.

So my ground system did work and I did take all the advice and run a new 
romex to the outlets and a new circuit. now I know there will not be a 
problem with that section of outlets. I removed the old wires in attic 
capped off in the box now and it is all cleaned up and in good shape. 
way more work then I wanted to do in the heat of summer in attic though.

My next project is going to be trying to make a PVC mast 30' to 35' tall 
using 3" to 1 inch pipe or whatever they have in the supply house that 
will slip together easy and be able to make a mast I can take up and 
down kinda easy.
I figured buy 20' pipe cut in 1/2 for each size and then add a topper 
depending on the antenna that ends up on it in the end. 99% sure it will 
ONLY be used for wire dipoles for now and if they hold up i will make 2 
more and use the setup for my skywire loop and get it up in the air 
better and tighter and away from the tree's. I hope this again will help 
with some noises and xmit problems using the loop. its just not working 
super like I know it can. it is a 275' #12 ga wire in a fairly close 
rectangle run threw trees for corners and have rope over trree tops tied 
to insulators and pulled up my wire.

Has anyone tried a mast like this and can share any in and outs of why 
it works or not work please before I spend money and be disappointed again.
I am trying for 35 feet in air mainly for a base height. it will have to 
be 3" bottom, 2" middle and 1 1/2 " top then add a small section if 
needed to bring me up to a height I want.
the pipe will be placed into a 4" base pipe set in cement then put the 
3" inside and use all slip joints for the sections and bolt them 
together and not use clamps but thru bolts to be 100% sure they wont 
slip. maybe 2 bolts with clips and not nuts or pins and clips. depends 
on how much money it ends up being. I will be buying enough pipe I hope 
by next month for 2 masts and set them up for my basic dipoles for now 
to start with.

I will have eye hooks on top not pulleys as they a pain in the butt if 
rope slips and a eye bolt I can pull just as easy. I am thinking also of 
a "T" at the top with maybe a wood dowel or pipe of somekind I have 
laying around and use it for 2 wires off each side of the "T" if I see 
enough room or a need for it at least.

but for now 1 wire pulled tight and use pvc pipes and guy wires to hold 
it up. I cant afford these big fancy beams so I wil stick to what I can 
maybe build and get in the air higher is my main goals.

again tips ideas or just call me nuts to think PVC will hold decent for 
a simple dipole. max width would be the 150 ft between poles or a little 
more maybe for now. I can later go more if I can buy a chain saw and cut 
trees out of the way at least but thats future worries. for now I like 
to put a fan dipole up on it even to try it on the bands the loop dont 
work so good on. loop does ok on 80m,40 and 30 but thats about it . 
tuner does on on 20m and down but its real picky on 20m and I cant 
afford to blow up a set of finals maybe just to talk on 20m. so 99% of 
my talking is digital modes at low power to be safer is all.

again suggestions on pipes or other ideas for a texan in need of a cheap 
mast or way to get wires up to 35-40ft. I just dont have allot of money 
as I am disabled and living on SSI so you all know what that means and 
it is not easy having this hobby to start with. if I didnt have a great 
ELMER that helped me get this kendoow 570dg I wouldnt have a HF then I 
did manage to pop the finals on the 570d and I had another ham offer me 
a ts-520 for s/h costs so I got it and I use it almost daily now for 
ssb. I love that older radio more then the 570dg for ssb. the audio is 
just cleaner.

so I need 2 antennas now that I got the 570dg fixed and working.



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