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[TowerTalk] Need sources of rope and fiberglass

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Need sources of rope and fiberglass
From: Charles Harpole <>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 14:38:28 +0000
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Hope someone can refer me to a source for 
---very light weight, very strong (500 lbs. pull), non absorbent, sun resistant 
line/string/rope to use to internally guy a two element quad.
-- light weight 8 foot fiberglass rod or tube, at least 1 and half inch 

Well, my quad broke today in a gale.  The wind estimater says speed was 50 to 
56 mph based on small tree blown over, twigs and limbs down, and so on.  I am 
impressed that the grass in the lots beside and behind me ... grass about 2 ft 
tall, was blown completely flat, so he wind at actual ground level was bad, 
too.  Standard factory Cubex with factory stiffner... 2 el full size 40m, 2el 
on 30, and 3 el on other two WARC bands.  Really worked nice!
I made the mistake of not heading my quad West where the wind always comes 
from... I think because it hit it on an angle, one of the top two spreaders 
broke at about the half way point and all the wires of the driven element are 
drooping over the mess that is left.  The reflector, lacking he added load of 
the driven coax attached, survived.  I think the driven array also rotated on 
the boom and the whole thing could have been pushed back on the mast, it 
I had plans already of putting in 8ft extensions on the ends of the boom and 
tying the whole thing into a fully guyed internally.  I do not know how I can 
get another fiberglass spreader shipped here, it is very long, and I have only 
one fiberglass extension rod to do the strengthening so that is another part to 
If you have suggestions on a very light very strong, sun resistant, non 
absorbing string, line, rope.... please let me know.  de HS0ZCW


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