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[TowerTalk] Proximity to power lines

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Proximity to power lines
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Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 01:04:45 -0700
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Go to QRZ page for N7EF, click "details" tab, go to map, click on "satellite " 
tab and zoom in.
The parallel lines on my side of the road behind the property are 115,000 
volts, about 40 feet from
the element tips if swung that way.  Also have 75/80m 1/4 wave slopers off 
that terminate almost under the power lines.

Power company put the 115KV in after I had been up for 15 years, that was 20 
years ago.  
Had to call them and ask them when they were going to turn it on after they put 
it up.
Turned out it had already been on for a couple weeks and I hadn't even noticed.

This proximity has not ever been a problem -- maybe someday when their stuff 
gets older...
Am not on 160m, can't speak for that.
QRN from Seattle manufacturing areas 15 miles away is more of a problem, when 
beaming that direction.

Don N7EF
Pyramids rule...


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