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[TowerTalk] Multiband Vertical Antenna performance

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Multiband Vertical Antenna performance
From: "Bryon \"Paul\" Veal" <>
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Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2010 15:15:31 -0600
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I have been on more than one DX'pedition around the world and can tell you 
pound for pound, nothing beats a well made multiband vertical with an ok 
laid out ground surface radial field for the purpose of being easy to pack, 
meet weight restrictions, and above all, work the world.  In 1998 on Lord 
Howe Island, a few thousand JA's and hundreds of EU on many bands then USA 
stations along their gray lines on 30,40 and 80 meters using a Cushcraft 
multiband AP8A 10--160 with a whomping 100 watts.  I have a back yard 
multiband vertical for 40/80M and another covering 10-80 and guess what?  I 
talk all over the world on 100 watts.  So if you want to claim to the world 
that Multiband verticals are just a poor choice, can you please us which one 
you think stunk and why?  Maybe you forgot to attach radials or something? 
Or coax?  No doubt that many antennas are better, in many cases, but to 
claim a multiband vertical is worthless is phew-pah.  And if it came down to 
owning just one antenna, a tribander or multiband vertical, I'd take the 
multiband vertical- If you learn anything about low band DX'ing, you'll work 
towards your first DXCC in no time- In the long run, I'll take the tribander 
but that is assuming the sun is working-

My top 5 multiband verticals actually owned, operated and used:

1. Cushcraft AP8A 10-80M including WARC - flawless track record of being 
heard and hearing
2. Hustler 4 BTV  10,15,20,40M - for the money, you'll enjoy the EZ set up 
and it really works fb-
3. Cushcraft MA 40/80V   40/80M - maybe less bands but the two it has kicks 
4. MA5V  10-20 including WARC no radials....very quiet noise ratio compared 
to other verticals set up near by- but got out just as well if not better
5. R-7000 it was years ago, but I think it was 10-40 covering the WARC bands 
but was way down on signal reports vs the AP8A in the same yard-

Would not suggest:  Gap Titan- Now that antenna was a very poor performer 
and the MA5V just danced around it all day- Heard better and could be heard 
louder on 10-20M..............sorry Gap, nothing personal, just my backyard 
farting around-

OK, so I am not going to sale any books with this stuff, but my point is 
pretty clear- I hope without offending anyone-

73  Paul  N0AH 


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