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Re: [TowerTalk] Used Fall Harnesses

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Used Fall Harnesses
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 19:11:55 EDT
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>  If I'm not mistaken, OSHA requires an expiration date on  them..
Greetings, TowerTalkians --
    I don't think that's correct. I've sold OSHA  compliant safety 
equipment for almost 20 years (_www.championradio.com_ 
( ) and I've never  seen an expiration date. What 
OSHA does require is for 
it to be inspected before  every use. The stuff is typically made from nylon 
and other petroleum based  materials and will last for many years with 
average use. 
    As for used equipment, I'd be a slightly  skeptical. If something has 
little use and little wear, I don't have a big  problem with using it - my 
current safety equipment was pre-owned. 
    Of course you're cautioned about loaning your  personal stuff out but 
it's up to you. For the VERY occasional use that amateurs  use their safety 
equipment, it's not too big of a stretch to see where  something might be 
totally reliable for years. BUT IT'S UP TO YOU TO CHECK IT  OUT in any case. 
    I've seen amateurs climb with stuff that scared the  crap out of me. In 
that case, used OSHA compliant equipment would be a BIG  improvement!
Steve    K7LXC
Professional tower services for hams
Champion Radio Products
Cell; 206-890-4188

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