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[TowerTalk] Thoughts on towers and antennas

Subject: [TowerTalk] Thoughts on towers and antennas
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 04:30:55 EDT
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Since I am heading back to the mainland (FL) I am now thinking  about a new 
set up.
Tower 1...rotating Rohn 65...200 ft 
4/4 M2 40 Yagis 200/100' (total 26 sq ft)
3 KT36XAs  90/60/30' (total 31.5 sq ft)
2 A3WSs 80/40' (total 8.2 sq ft)
Tower 2...rotating Rohn 65...200 ft
4  5el M2 20m Yagis 200/150/100/50 (total 42 sq  ft)
4 7el M2 10m Yagis 120/90/60/30 (total 24 sq ft)
Tower 3...rotating Rohn 55...200 ft
4 6el M2 15m Yagis 150/113/75/37 (total 34 sq ft)
1 3el 30m Yagi 100' (10 sq ft)
2 7el 6m Yagis (7 sq ft)
Any thoughts?  Especially interested on the guys who have used  65 before.  
I am pretty confident on the 55's ability to handle the load,  as I had 
about 55 sq ft on the 55 at my old FL QTH and those were on sidemounts  which 
produced some pretty heavy duty torque in windy condx.
I have run N6BV's program and all looks good for the  patterns.  Anybody 
see any serious interaction on any of these.  I  know there will be some on 
the XA at 90 ft on 15 meters since it is close to the  40 meter Yagi.  I had 
my XA and the 40 meter Yagi around 12 feet apart in  KH6 and saw very little 
interaction.  Besides, the XA stack is a secondary  one for 10-20 meters.
Rotating device will be K0XG stuff.  Thoughts on  these?
This will be my last setup (said that before) and I want to do  it right.  
Thanks for the help.

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