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Subject: [TowerTalk] Renter tower insurance
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Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 21:26:42 -0700
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K7LXC's reply to this post erroneously has confused homeowner's insurance (for 
the occupying owner of the property) and renter's insurance (which most renters 
don't even carry).  Most homeowner's policies do cover accessory structures and 
the policy definition of such structures usually includes towers and antennas 
on them.  This is something that one's insurance agent can answer.  If the 
agent does not know the answer, he/she can posit the question to the company 
for an unequivocal response.  For the owner occupier of the house, the typical 
homeowner's policy covers both liability and loss due to covered perils such as 
windstorm.  Questions may nevertheless arise if the tower was not installed 
with a permit and/or pursuant to code.  Again, I defer such questions to the 
insurance agent.

However, renters are an entirely different matter.  Most landlord policies are 
much more restrictive.  They virtually never cover tenant personal property and 
would rarely, if ever, cover "structures" attached to the realty by the tenant 
such as a tower even if it would have been an accessory structure were the 
policy a homeowner's policy.  Often, landlord policies are little more than 
fire policies.  Such policies would certainly not cover the tenant's potential 
liability (even if they might cover the landlord's potential liabilty) were a 
tower to fall.  The ARRL endorsed policy covers loss to the ham equipment only; 
it does not provide liability coverage. 

I would advise anyone renting who intends to put up a tower to do the 
following:  (1) secure the landlord's written permission; (2) consult an 
insurance agent to determine what coverage can be purchased that would protect 
both the tenant and the landlord -- there may be policies that mimic 
homeowner's coverage for renters of entire houses or condos (I doubt such 
coverage exists for apartment renters); (3) make sure all applicable permits 
and building codes are followed.

As a general proposition, I would presume that, as a renter, you are probably 
not going to get any tower or large antenna up in the air other than perhaps a 
back yard multiband vertical and wires in the trees.


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