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Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 13:45:07 -0400
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My late father in law [W9DHD] was that way. If he was stung by a bee  or  wasp 
it was time to go to the ER NOW. It was life or death.
When I was 4 yr.s old I was stung over 50 times by something. Probably wasps. 
We lived in rural Tn & the visiting Dr told my parents if I lived thru the 
night I should recover.I did. Since then I seem to have an immunity to 
stings.If I'm with other people outdoors wasps, bees & mosquitos ignore me and 
bite them. If I'm bitten  by any insect if I don't itch the spot all pain is 
gone in 10 minutes or less.
Today I was looking at a vertical I have stored  on a rack in the back yard.
 There was a wasp nest in my gin pole on the rack. They came out to meet me.  
Most of them  just buzzed around me.
I  did get stung on the hand once. After 3 or 4 minutes no pain or red mark. 
That was two hr.s ago & there's no evidence I was ever stung.
I know I'm a rare bird. It sure comes  in handy when my neighbors or family 
find hives & need help. Twice I've pulled football sized hives out of house 
eves with no stings.  Also my gift is handy on Field Days !
I'm not a Dr. but my guess is there must be something inside me from that 
childhood attack that  causes me to emit a scent the critters sense. They just 
figure I'm a waste of time. Just a gift from God.


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