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[TowerTalk] ASTM F1554 Anchor Bolts

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Subject: [TowerTalk] ASTM F1554 Anchor Bolts
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 19:10:23 -0700
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Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 13:14:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dan Bookwalter <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] ASTM F1554 Anchor Bolts
To: Dino Darling <>

I checked with Portland Bolt before i sent the email , they have the material 
and are quite knowledgeable , however , they weren't too interested in such a 
small order of only 3 pieces since they had to manufacture them , didn't say 
they wouldn't do it , just that the setup expenses wouldn't make it very cost 
effective for me.

##  I required  12 x anchor rods...  1.125"  diam  x 60"  long...with 6" threads
on each end.  [105 ksi].   Local fastener outfit  just orders em from portland 
If I had ordered em on line from portland bolt.. they would have been 30% LESS..
and that including shipping to my door.  They were $90.00  each, from portland 
Then I had to get the  72 x  massive heavy hex nuts  [ 1  13/16"] + flat 
washers etc. 
Then had to get the 18 x 1" diam x 3" long  ASTm  A-325 bolts  + mating 1  5/8" 
 heavy hex
nuts  + washers. 

I called Atlantic Bolt Inc and they have the bolts in stock along with the nuts 
and washers , for about $22 each , UST wanted $204 for the three...

## UST these days reminds me of the  $500.00  hammer's  fiasco in the 
US,[defence contractor's]
back in the late 70's.   I had my local trucking co stop by the UST factory on 
his way 
back from bakersfield... to pick me up a 20' x .375" wall, heat treated 4130, 
107 ksi
chromolly mast.   You  don't even want to know what that thing cost.  It was 
80%  more than
what tashi tower's  charges..for the same thing.  His is actually better, since 
it's 120.2 ksi. 
[$750.00   vs  $1350.00]

I required a doz  1/4" bolts  for my HDX-6809... used to bolt the rotor and 
bearing plates into place.  Now these
things are just G-5 galvanized bolts, with counter sunk heads.  $6.00  each !  
And  6  per shelf.   And they are supposed
to support  600 lbs of weight between em =  100 lbs per 1/4"-20  bolt. 

later... Jim   VE7RF



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