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Re: [TowerTalk] Life expectancy of RG-213

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Life expectancy of RG-213
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 13:17:44 EDT
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You can determine loss fairly closely with a decent vswr measurement. If  
you can disconnect or short the coax at the far end, the vswr measurement can 
be  converted to return loss and actual loss is one half of the return loss 
If opening/shorting the coax is a problem, you can still make less accurate 
 measurements by running the test on a frequency that causes a high vswr on 
the  coax. The higher the test frequency, the higher the loss and more 
accurate loss  predictions.
Once you get a decent measurement, the info can be scaled to other  
frequencies by a factor of 3 X freq = 2 X loss.
Gerald K5GW
In a message dated 8/27/2010 9:34:58 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

What is  a good working rule for the life expectancy of decent quality  
RG-213?  I have a lot of it around here, and it is difficult to  measure 
loss in situ.  Jackets still seem fine, but wonder if it's  time to 
replace before winter.

73, Pete N4ZR

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