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Re: [TowerTalk] Testing a vacuum variable Cap for an Inv-L

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Testing a vacuum variable Cap for an Inv-L
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 14:53:50 EDT
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Krish, without some kind of hv tester your testing will be quite limited.  
Maybe you could "rig" a test using your linear amplifier hv power supply.
If you can locate an old VOM that measures high voltage, like a Tripplet  
630 with 6kv scale, you can connect the vacuum capacitor and VOM in series  
between HV and ground to see if there is any meter reading.
Any reading is evidence of leakage and probably bad news.
It is also pretty easy to cobble a hv tester from an old microwave oven  
transformer, rectifier diode and filter C. 
Do be careful though!
Gerald K5GW
In a message dated 8/29/2010 8:47:53 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

Hi all,
Greetings. I am in the process of building a  160m Inv-L and have
offered to purchase a 5Kv vacuum variable cap from  another ham.
He has offered to make it good if the cap has lost the  seal.

How do i test this one?
I have an antenna analyzer, but no  Hi-pot test gear.
The Inv-L + radials are not ready as yet.

I am in  the  Raleigh NC area. Any help would be  appreciated.

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